Our story began on a very small portable tray… That first step which was taken in the year 1960 evolved into a half-century story of success.
Being successful is nice but the taste of being successful by doing the job you love is further than this. Master Mehmet was walking around streets by selling desserts. Producing, preparing the tastes which made people happy, and being the reason of their smile made him happy. So he decided to begin a journey for bigger dreams by leaving his very beloved portable tray.
Master Mehmet started a job as a journeyman in a baklava saloon of Karafatma district in Adana. He learned a lot, produced many delicacies in a short time and took this baklava saloon over eventually.
Master Mehmet was known as Köse(beardless) in the district he settled. Everybody liked both him and his desserts. Therefore, he named the saloon he took over as Köse. That day the foundation of a giant brand had been laid.
Master Mehmet raised his children like himself and transferred them the happiness of producing and passion for his job. He taught every single detail of his job to his children and with their support, reached more people. The brand “Köse” had started to spread all over Turkey.
Having born in Adana, Köse had become a giant brand. With her culture, people and warmness, this city both supported and inspired this story. Children thought that they had a duty of loyalty for this city, and they created Adana Baklava, which is known as Köse Special in 1990. Being slightly different from other baklava types, Adana Baklava accelerated the growth of brand Köse. While this delicacy was liked by everyone, Adana was an inspiration source once more in this story.
Having become a limited company in 2005, Köse opened the Hayal Park branch in 2006. In 2008, they were continuing their production with a workshop as big as 3250 square meters.
For some of us, producing is a passion. Having begun with this passion, this story was continuing with it. Having grown day by day, brand Köse increased their production scale in time. Su böreği (pastry with feta cheese filling), varieties of biscuits-cookies, cake and ice cream also became beloved parts of Köse delicacy family.
In this story which exceeded the limits and globalized from a portable tray, Köse became a prestigious and pioneer brand with their well-known and beloved delicacies. Having started to give franchises in 2009, the amount of new branches multiplied rapidly.
With all the production segments and branches, Köse is continuing the production in an area of 12.500 square meters in total and with 35 branches all over Turkey.

We continue to sweeten Turkey with an excitement like the first day, half a century experience and passion for production…

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